Information about American Coin Collectibles Sets

There are many different coins which come in sets which are considered American coin collectibles. If you are looking to collect American coins sets for reasons of personal enjoyment to making a financial investment for the future there are several coin sets from which to choose from. Below is some information about four of the most popular sets of coins which are American coin collectibles.

Modern Coin Set Collectibles

One of the more recent American coin collectibles sets is the limited edition Life and Times of Barack Obama 24K gold plated coin set. These coins are legal U. S. tender and coin in sets of five. Each of the five coins in the set feature a different period in the life of Barack Obama. The first coin is a 1965-1969 Washington quarter to represent his childhood years. The second coin in the collection is a 1976 Bicentennial quarter representing his years in high school. The third coin in the collection represents President Obama’s college years in the form of a New York statehood quarter. The fourth and fifth coins are Illinois statehood quarters which represent his professional life and his years in the Senate respectively.

Popular American Coin Sets

The United States mint began reissuing proof sets of coins in 1992. One of the most popular American coin collectables of these proof sets is the statehood quarter series. These coins are easy to collect and appeal to those who are collecting for the true spirit of coin collecting for enjoyment to those who are collecting for investment returns. This is because many of the coin sets of the new U.S. statehood quarter sets can be cheaply obtained. The sets of these coins which contain the first minting of these coins from specific mints can be a little harder to fins and can contain coins which are already valued at over $12,000 each.

Up and Coming Coin Sets

One of the up and coming coin collection sets which many coin collectors have been anticipating is American collectibles of the coins honoring the national parks. Although these coins have just begun to be released many have already stated collecting these coins and are anticipating building there collection sets as each of the new coins are released. Proof sets of these coins have already stated being released for purchase by the public.

Older Collectable Coin Sets

May people enjoy collecting older coin sets for both enjoyment and for the potential of increased value. One of the older American coin collectibles is the five coin sets which include the Benjamin Franklin U.S. Half Dollars made of silver. Proof sets of these coins include a dime and a quarter which are made out of silver also. Proof sets of these coins have a shiny finish which is mirror like when the coins are viewed front the obverse and the reverse. Coin sets of these proofs which have been properly preserved are one of the many of its kind which have increased in value and are seeing a recent increase in demand and value amongst collectors.

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